Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reflections on the past week (5/5 - 5/11/14)

A few thoughts percolating through my head from this past week:
  • Honored to attend José Vilson's book signing for his new book, "This Is Not A Test" on Tuesday. Hearing him read from it in person and hearing others read his words was a rare experience and an inspirational one. It is a fabulous book, that many many people have commented on and reviewed, and that anything else I could say in addition would probably be redundant. GO GET THE DAMN THING ALREADY.
  • AP calculus test on Wednesday. My students seemed pretty calm about it afterward. This is (I think) a good thing. I'll look at the questions tomorrow.
  • Still trying to figure out why I'm teaching rational expressions to algebra 1 students. Oh, wait - it's in the curriculum. Never mind.
  • Continuing to learn of students past and present who are dealing with emotional, physical, mental issues that I never, never had to at their ages. So struck by their coping abilities. And so doubtful of my own.
  • As more of my colleagues (and my students!) learn of my departure from my school, the reactions have been interesting. It's a very strange feeling - almost as if I can be confided in because I'm "outside" now. Let's just say this: public school districts need to give a bit more thought to how they treat their teachers and other staff, because, well, if I can make a move, then...
  • My daughter has her first week ever of standardized testing next week. As I understand it, no time for computers or library. You know, the stuff that doesn't matter. (EDIT: Fortunately, she DOES get her art & music classes at least. I was incorrect originally.)
  • Good Lord, there are a lot of smart educators on Twitter. (Find me - @gfrblxt - and go to my "Following" list. There are tons and tons.)
  • Apropos my previous bullet point: thanks to Jen Silverman, I now know that "Ed-Tech Cassandra" translated into Greek is εκπαιδευτικής τεχνολογίας Κασσάνδρα.
  • (No points for guessing who that may refer to.)
  • Finally, as I think about my wife (there could not possibly be a better mom to our daughter in the world), and about my Mom, I am reminded that there are over 200 girls still missing in Nigeria. I am thinking about their mothers tonight too.


  1. I appreciate the update. You had a rich, full week, filled with learning experiences of all types.

    1. Thank you! I so easily get caught up in day-to-day stuff, that maybe forcing myself to look back over week-long spans will give me better perspective. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you & other folks I've met on the Internet!

  2. There should be points for guessing. Just saying.

    1. You're right. There should be. So I'm prepared to offer 1000 bonus points to the first person to guess correctly.

      These points are redeemable for:
      1) A 1% increase in your overall geometry grade OR
      2) Free registration to the Udacity/Coursera MOOC of your choice.

      Good luck, competitors!

  3. Having left three schools now, I am definitely sympathetic to the odd emotions of the end of your year. As you leave students you value and colleagues you have worked closely with, it'll be quite an emotional wave as the year ends. The other feature you mention is a nice snapshot into human interactions, isn't it?